Tuesday, August 21, 2012

F*** U plasticbieber!!!!

this plastic bieber is such a bitch heres what alll peopleare saying if you don't know who she is check out twitter.com and search plasticbieber

OMLG hes toets stupid

hey everyone and MSP fans the lozer that keeps talking to me is still stalking me maybe he likes me, yeah like that would ever happen hes very mean
to me he said that im full of myself well it's true but it's mean when said it into my face well
his F**** A*S hasto go over here tell it to my face cuz i'm gonna kill that BAST@rD  @$#*$!!!!1


hey everyone as you all now since the past 2 days in IMVU witch i play i had loads of fun and i made loads of friends to but i hope they watch my blog so they know 
how much i love them X 3 "thats the part where you say aaawwww"so anyways hope you guys have a great day i'll be posting more IMVU and MSP pictures so stay tuned ( thats what they say on MTV) ; )