Saturday, August 18, 2012

annoynig people

I really do have problems with people who are very mean to me and  people who says "lets give each other autos" then when you give them autos their just going to say "you didn't give me an auto i'm going to report you thats mean right! but what i really hate is when movie stars just add you and as their bestfriend when you have 3 bestfriends already thats really annoying like this person on the picture

mean people XB

mean people who added me as a girlfriend then said these stuff to me those mean people wow you just got a weenie spotlight on my BLOG lozers  I try not to be mean to them but look what they freakin say >:-(

my new video on youtube

hey MSP fans it's me diamond12461 and her first blog my vid here^^^^^^ i just made it myself awesome right well i don't really like him cuz he has a GF well who cares